Sun 14 Nov 2021

How Python list really works

This post is largely about the arrays — the #1 data structure in the world. If you are not a data structure guru yet, I guarantee that you will better understand Python lists, their advantages and limitations. If you already know everything — there is no harm in refreshing the key points.

Source: How Python list really works, an article by Anton Zhiyanov.

It's Now Possible To Sign Arbitrary Data With Your SSH Keys

Did you know that you can use the ssh-keygen command to sign and verify signatures on arbitrary data, like files and software releases? Although this feature isn't super new - it was added in 2019 with OpenSSH 8.0 - it seems to be little-known. That's a shame because it's super useful and the most viable alternative to PGP for signing data. If you're currently using PGP to sign data, you should consider switching to SSH signatures.

Source: It's Now Possible To Sign Arbitrary Data With Your SSH Keys, an article by Andrew Ayer.

Async Cancellation I

Sometimes we start things but decide midway through that we would prefer to rather not be doing them. That process is sometimes referred to as cancellation. Say we accidentally clicked "download" on a large file in the browser. We should have a way to tell the computer to stop downloading it.

Source: Async Cancellation I, an article by Yoshua Wuyts.