Thu 11 Nov 2021

Make your monorepo feel small with Git’s sparse index

One way that Git scales to the largest monorepos is the sparse-checkout feature, which allows you to focus on a subset of the files. This is supposed to make it feel like you are actually in a small repository, even though you are contributing to a large repository.

There’s only one problem: the Git index is still large in a monorepo, and users can feel it. Until now.

Source: Make your monorepo feel small with Git’s sparse index, an article by Derrick Stolee

Git Techniques at Risk Ledger

Using git can be daunting at first. Like my good friend Chris once said, "everyone knows the happy path but the minute it gets hairy we're all screwed".

I've decided to take a closer look at what git commands our engineering team uses on a day to day to get out of hairy situations.

Source: Git Techniques at Risk Ledger, an article by Bruno Calogero.