Sun 17 Oct 2021

A short overview of DNS

I've recently changed DNS provider for this blog, and that forced me to look into how DNS works a bit closer. I did manage a DNS server for a couple years circa 2006, but I have to say I'd forgotten most of it. In case I forget it again, I'm recording my notes here.

Source: A short overview of DNS, an article by Gary Verhaegen.

The Burning White: Not So Good

In the evening I finished The Burning White, the final book in the Lightbringer series by Brent Weeks. I was a bit disappointed by this book. Too much text that didn't really add to the story in my opinion and an ending that could've been better. Still, I would recommend this series, especially book 2. But I also consider the Night Angel Trilogy better. Maybe The Lightbringer series should've been a trilogy as well.