Thu 14 Oct 2021

What's great about Python 3.10?

What changed in Python 3.10 and which of those changes matter for you?

I’ve spent this week playing with Python 3.10. I’ve primarily been working on solutions to Python Morsels exercises that embrace new Python 3.10 features. I’d like to share what I’ve found.

Source: What's great about Python 3.10?, an article by Trey Hunner.

Top Python Tools for Malware Analysis

Python developers are in demand in the cybersecurity industry. Malware analysis, a huge part of cybersecurity, is the process of examining malicious software to understand how it operates. Malware analysts need to be skilled in reverse engineering and programming, as well as familiar with the operation of computers and how they work.

Python is a popular programming language for malware analysis and reverse engineering because it's easy to learn, fast to code, and runs on Windows, Linux, Unix and Mac. This blog post will discuss some of the best python tools (libraries and command-line programs) you can use for malware analysis.

Source: Top Python Tools for Malware Analysis.