Wed 06 Oct 2021

Four years of Python

The other day I realized: I've been programming in Python for about 4 years now. I do get paid to write code, but for some reason still don't consider myself a pro. I did learn some valuable lessons though.

For those who just got started with Python, you'll hopefully take something out of these lessons. For the experienced, see this as a celebration of our beloved language.

Source: Four years of Python, an article by Duarte O.Carmo.

Branching Strategies in Git

Almost all version control systems (VCS) have some kind of support for branching. In a nutshell, branching means that you leave the main development line by creating a new, separate container for your work and continue to work there. This way you can experiment and try out new things without messing up the production code base. Git users know that Git’s branching model is special and incredibly powerful; it’s one of the coolest features of this VCS. It’s fast and lightweight, and switching back and forth between the branches is just as fast as creating or deleting them. You could say that Git encourages workflows that use a lot of branching and merging.

Source: Branching Strategies in Git, an article by Tobias Günther.