Fri 01 Oct 2021

What every IT person needs to know about OpenBSD

"Functional, free and secure by default", OpenBSD remains a crucial yet largely unacknowledged player in the open source field. This talk aims to highlight the project's signature security features and development practices -- razor sharp focus on correct and secure code coupled with continuing code audit -- as well as the project's role as source of innovation in security practices and 'upstream' source for numerous widely used components such as OpenSSH, PF, LibreSSL and others.

Source: What every IT person needs to know about OpenBSD, an article by Peter N. M. Hansteen.

Why we spent the last month eliminating PostgreSQL subtransactions

Since last June, we noticed the database on would mysteriously stall for minutes, which would lead to users seeing 500 errors during this time. Through a painstaking investigation over several weeks, we finally uncovered the cause of this: initiating a subtransaction via the SAVEPOINT SQL query while a long transaction is in progress can wreak havoc on database replicas. Thus launched a race, which we recently completed, to eliminate all SAVEPOINT queries from our code. Here's what happened, how we discovered the problem, and what we did to fix it.

Source: Why we spent the last month eliminating PostgreSQL subtransactions, an article by Stan Hu and Grzegorz Bizon.

Citations in Org mode 9.5

After years of (on and off) discussion1, I am elated to be able to present Org’s new native citation syntax. Org has grown a thoroughly designed, modular, capable citation system. At last you can refer to Org for all your attribution needs. Special thanks must go to Nicolas Goaziou for leading the charge, John Kitchin for paving the way with the org-ref package, Bruce D’Arcus for driving a lot of careful consideration of design decisions and starting to document some of the details — and the many other denizens of the mailing list who have contributed to the discussion over the years.

András Simonyi’s also deserves a special mention for his work creating the Elisp CSL library Citeproc.el, which while not directly included in Org is crucial to providing robust CSL support, and integrates with oc-csl.el.

Source: Introducing citations!