Fri 17 Sep 2021

Using Podman with BuildKit, the better Docker image builder

BuildKit is a new and improved tool for building Docker images: it’s faster, has critical features missing from traditional Dockerfiles like build secrets, plus additionally useful features like cache mounting. So if you’re building Docker images, using BuildKit is in general a good idea.

And then there’s Podman: Podman is a reimplemented, compatible version of the Docker CLI and API. It does not however implement all the BuildKit Dockerfile extensions. On its own, then, Podman isn’t as good as Docker at building images.

There is another option, however: BuildKit has its own build tool, which is distinct from the traditional docker build, and this build tool can work with Podman.

Let’s see where Podman currently is as far as BuildKit features, and how to use BuildKit with Podman if that is not sufficient.

Source: Using Podman with BuildKit, the better Docker image builder, an article by Itamar Turner-Trauring.

An Introduction to AWK

awk is a powerful tool. It is actually a Turing-complete language, meaning that you can technically write any kind of program with it. You could implement the classic sorting algorithms or more complex things such as a parser or an interpreter. Examples of this kind can be found in the “AWK Programming Language” book written by awk‘s authors. The reason awk is still popular today, though, has nothing to do with its generality and more with its usefulness working in the command line.

Source: An Introduction to AWK, an article by Francesc Vendrell.