Thu 09 Sep 2021

An Introduction to Type Level Programming

In this article you’ll learn how to build programs that make heavy use of type-level programming by working through building a theming system. I originally developed the ideas behind this talk and article when trying to write something to unify the various themes and configurations for my own xmonad desktop setup, but the theming system you’ll build as you work through this article can be equally applied to theming web content, desktop or command line applications, or really anything that needs configurable theming.

Source: An Introduction to Type Level Programming, an article by Rebecca Skinner.

Ten Things I Look For In a Code Review

Feedback is critical in any engineering organization – and that feedback often comes through code reviews. Junior engineers learn how to manage complexity, simplify the logic, and to develop the codebase from senior engineers. But, on the other hand, even the most senior engineers benefit from having a second pair of eyes on their code.

Yet, very few organizations set standards around their code reviews. By using a checklist, you can increase code quality across the entire organization. Better yet, it serves as an excellent onboarding document to train new reviewers, expanding the pool of reviewers and expediting the review pipeline.

I've compiled a starting point of 10 questions to ask when reviewing code.

Source: Ten Things I Look For In a Code Review, an article by Matt Rickard.