Sat 04 Sep 2021

Optimizing Slow SQL Queries

Most database problems go unnoticed during development, because we tend to code our applications using small datasets. It is when the application has been on production for some time that database performance issues start to appear, causing parts of the application to become slower and slower as the database continues to grow.

How do you debug and identify this type of problems? In this article I'm going to show you how to fix the most common database performance problems, which are those that are caused by improper indexing. Examples for Postgres, MySQL and SQLite are included!

Source: Optimizing Slow SQL Queries, an article by Miguel Grinberg.

Understanding Git Merge

Carrying on from my earlier article about some ways in which Git is commonly misunderstood — and how I think one should understand Git — I’d like to dive a bit deeper into one of the most important things Git knows how to do: merging.

If Git is often misunderstood, merging is one of the most misunderstood things about it! In this article, I’ll try to clear up some misunderstandings about merging with Git.

Source: Understanding Git Merge, an article by Matt Neuburg.