Fri 27 Aug 2021

How to enable Python type checking in VSCode

Since version 3.5, Python now has support for type hints. This typing is a cool new feature allowing type checking across your code for more quality and also help when you are using some packages or call some functions your colleague did in a large codebase. In this article, we will see how to enable type IntelliSense and type checking analysis in Visual Studio Code editor.

Source: How to enable Python type checking in VSCode, an article by Emmanuel Gautier.

Cropping model images using PIL

We love to use model images at Wehkamp. This year we've switched from overviews with product images to overviews with model images. A lot of photography is shot by our own photo studio. I love this, because it gives us control over the process and the tone. But as our assortment grows, it is not feasible to shoot all the products on our website. That is why we use images from our suppliers. Unfortunately, we have no control over the conditions of the photo.

Source: Cropping model images using PIL, an article by Kees C. Bakker.