Wed 11 Aug 2021

Bloom Filters - Much, much more than a space efficient hashmap!

A bloom filter is one of those data structures you are probably already aware of, or have at least heard about. For those looking for a simple recap, they are a probabilistic data structure which can be used to determine if something is in a set or not, giving a slight chance of returning a false positive result for some checks but while using less space than a full hashmap.

What you may not know is that while you can use them as a space efficient hash/dictionary there are other use cases you might not be aware of.

Source: Bloom Filters - Much, much more than a space efficient hashmap!, an article by Ben E. C. Boyter.

A brief intro to MTL

Recently a blog post came out which I quite like, it describes how to use the concrete base transformers. It’s very thorough and gives a concrete example for using transformers. Although it looks quite low level and I think you’ll get more out of transformers by using full MTL.

Source: A brief intro to MTL.