Wed 28 Jul 2021

Cleaning Up Git History

A clean git commit history is often underrated and can be immensely useful to ease code reviews and understand changes in the future (potentially in the midst of an outage).

Of course we are talking about the final history here as committed to the shared repository, not the intermediate history while we are working on the code. Sometimes the intermediate history is good enough to be pushed directly, but this is actually fairly rare.

Cleaning up the history might seem tedious at first for marginal cosmetic benefits, but it gets much easier and faster with practice. Here I am collecting some tips for cleaning up a git commit history before publishing it to others, for example in the form of a pull request.

Source: Cleaning Up Git History, an article by Robin Schroer.

Life of a Container

I have been programming for almost six years now and have used containers for nearly the entirety of that time. For what comes with being a programmer, curiosity got the better of me and I started asking around the question, that what is a container?

Source: Life of a Container, an article by Indradhanush Gupta.

Python's collections: A Buffet of Specialized Data Types

Python’s collections module provides a rich set of specialized container data types carefully designed to approach specific programming problems in a Pythonic and efficient way. The module also provides wrapper classes that make it safer to create custom classes that behave similar to the built-in types dict, list, and str.

Learning about the data types and classes in collections will allow you to grow your programming tool kit with a valuable set of reliable and efficient tools.

Source: Python's collections: A Buffet of Specialized Data Types, an article by Leodanis Pozo Ramos.