Fri 23 Jul 2021

Zip - How not to design a file format

The Zip file format is now 32 years old. You'd think being 32 years old the format would be well documented. Unfortunately it's not.

I have a feeling this is like many file formats. They aren't designed, rather the developer just makes it up as they go. If it gets popular other people want to read and/or write them. They either try to reverse engineer the format OR they ask for specs. Even if the developer writes specs they often forget all the assumptions their original program makes. Those are not written down and hence the spec is incomplete. Zip is such a format.

Source: Zip - How not to design a file format, an article by Gregg Tavares.

Images are hard

Putting images on websites is incredibly simple, yes? Actually, yes, it is. You use and link it to a valid source in the src attribute and you’re done. Except that there are (counts fingers) 927 things you could (and some you really should) do that often go overlooked.

Source: Images are hard, an article by Chris Coyier.