Thu 15 Jul 2021

Don't get bitten by missing foreign key indexes

Postgres doesn't give you indexes on foreign keys by default (unlike primary keys). This makes some sense when you think about it - there's no necessity for them in order to keep the constraint checking efficient.

In reality, you nearly always want an index on any foreign keys - every time you join tables on said key.

Source: foreign key indexes, an article by Oliver Russell.

Long Live Perl!

“Perl is for old farts,” some say.

Well, I definitely am that. I actually learned the language very deeply, in fact, I wrote the classes pragma, which is certainly a testament to the valid (albeit hypocritical) “read-only” criticism of the language. Looking back I realize any attempt to make Perl into an object-oriented language was frankly just missing the point—and original goal—of the language.

But, my young friends, Perl is still also for very astute systems and security coders who want a subtle, decisive edge over everyone else—be it in capture the flag, or in life. Let the uninformed diss the language—while you completely and utterly own them. True technologists evaluate the technology, not just the trend.

Source: Long Live Perl!. Still the Gold Standard, an article by Rob Muhlestein.