Tue 29 Jun 2021

How Imports Work in Python

The Python import system is pretty straightforward... to a point. Importing code present in the same directory you’re working in is very different from importing between multiple files present in multiple directories. Through this post, I try to analyse the different import scenarios that one might encounter, hopefully making it easier to create your own packages.

Source: How Imports Work in Python, an article by Aniruddha Karajgi.

Functools - The Power of Higher-Order Functions in Python

Python standard library includes many great modules that can help you make your code cleaner and simpler and functools is definitely one of them. This module offers many useful higher order functions that act on or return other functions, which we can leverage to implement function caching, overloading, creating decorators and in general to make our code a bit more functional, so let's take a tour of it and see all the things it has to offer...

Source: Functools - The Power of Higher-Order Functions in Python, an article by Martin Heinz.

How JIT Compilers are Implemented and Fast

This post goes into details of 5+ JITs and various optimization strategies and discuss how they work with different JITs. Information in this blog post is more depth-first, thus there are many important concepts that may be skipped. That also means that this blogpost is not enough information to draw meaningful conclusions on any comparisons of implementations/languages.

Source: How JIT Compilers are Implemented and Fast: Pypy, LuaJIT, Graal and More an article by Carol Chen.