Wed 16 Jun 2021

Execute Docker Containers as QEMU MicroVMs

This blog post compares the advantages and disadvantages of docker containers with VMs and describes why and how we execute docker images inside a QEMU MicroVM. The described approach makes it possible to combine the security of VMs with the existing ecosystem of docker (e.g. images and tools). Afterwards we take a look at ways how we can map features like bind mounts to solutions supported by QEMU and demonstrate this by running the NGINX docker image in QEMU.

Source: Execute Docker Containers as QEMU MicroVMs, an article by Michael Müller.

Modulinos In Bash

A modulino is a file which behaves like a library when it is imported, and like a script when executed. I first read about them in Mastering Perl, but you can create them in other languages too. Here’s how to do it in Bash.

Source: Modulinos In Bash.