Sat 05 Jun 2021

Don't fall in love with your Mac—automate it!

Once you turn on the new Mac, what's next? Do you:

  1. Wait 6+ hours for a Time Machine restore (you do have a backup, right?) or use Migration Assistant to move all your old files and cruft from your old Mac?
  2. Manually install apps and click through tons of preference panes to set it up to your liking?
  3. Use a completely automated process like mac-dev-playbook to build everything fresh using mas, homebrew, and a tool like Ansible, so it's in a pristine state, with all your data and apps configured within an hour or two?

I choose the latter. And as a bonus, I can run the automation on both my new Macs frequently, to keep their configuration and app layout in sync!

Source: Don't fall in love with your Mac—automate it!, an article by Jeff Geerling.

Nice nginx features for developers

A lot of people use nginx as a web server and fallback for something like haproxy or traefik for service routing. But you can use nginx for that too! In my experience nginx provides rich and flexible ways to route your requests. Here are few things that worked well for me when I was wearing a developer hat.

Source: Nice nginx features for developers, an article by Alex Dzyoba.