Sun 23 May 2021

Concurrency vs. Parallelism

The terms concurrency and parallelism are often used in relation to multithreaded programs. At first it may seem as if concurrency and parallelism may be referring to the same concepts. However, concurrency and parallelism actually have different meanings. In this concurrency vs. parallelism tutorial I will explain what these concepts mean.

Just to be clear, in this text I look at concurrency and parallelism within a single application - a single process. Not among multiple applications, processes or computers.

Source: Concurrency vs. Parallelism, an article by Jakob Jenkov.

Teardown of a PC power supply

Have you ever wondered what's inside your computer's power supply? The task of a PC power supply is to convert the power from the wall (120 or 240 volts AC) into stable power at the DC voltages that the computer requires. The power supply must be compact and low-cost while transforming the power efficiently and safely. To achieve these goals, power supplies use a variety of techniques and are more complex inside than you might expect. In this blog post, I tear down a PC power supply and explain how it works.

Source: Teardown of a PC power supply, an article by Ken Shirriff.