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Mon 03 May 2021

My Favorite One Liners

In this post, I will be sharing my favorite commandline one liners that have made my workflow productive and more efficient. As a regular Linux user, I have been using commandline extensively to perform daily tasks such as creating files, navigating through directories , moving files and editing files using vim.

Source: My Favorite One Liners, an article by Muhammad Raza.

The art of solving problems with Monte Carlo simulations

This article will explore some examples and applications of Monte Carlo simulations using the Go programming language. To keep this article fun and interactive, after each Go code provided, you will find a link to the Go Playground, where you can run it without installing Go on your machine.

Source: The art of solving problems with Monte Carlo simulations, an article by Gabriel Carvalho.

CSS Generators

You can use CSS generators to avoid some time-consuming tasks. I made a collection of the best CSS generators for you.

Source: CSS Generators, an article by Marko Denic.