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Wed 28 Apr 2021

Film simulations from scratch using Python

A CLUT, or a Color Look Up Table, is the primary way to define a style or film simulation. For each possible RGB color, a CLUT tells you which color to map it to.

Source: Film simulations from scratch using Python, an article by Kevin Martin Jose.

There's no such thing as "The Perl Community"

We often talk about "The Perl Community", but I don't think it exists. Instead what we have is a loose, and at times fraught, federation of communities. Over the last few weeks I've been thinking and talking about this a lot, so I wanted to share some of those thoughts, and hear what others think. This is not me trying to tell you how things are, but how I see things, and also to outline some things that I think might help us be less fraught.

Source: There's no such thing as "The Perl Community", an article by Neil Bowers.

Shiny, Animated CSS Buttons

Everyone can appreciate fancy, animated buttons - but often times they come with a performance cost: JavaScript. Luckily for us, we can create our very own shiny, animated buttons with pure CSS.

Source: Shiny, Animated CSS Buttons, an article by Bradley Taunt.