Thu 08 Apr 2021

What is a Diagonally Dominant Matrix?

Matrices arising in applications often have diagonal elements that are large relative to the off-diagonal elements. In the context of a linear system this corresponds to relatively weak interactions between the different unknowns. We might expect a matrix with a large diagonal to be assured of certain properties, such as nonsingularity. However, to ensure nonsingularity it is not enough for each diagonal element to be the largest in its row.

Source: What is a Diagonally Dominant Matrix?, an article by Nick Higham.

What is Werkzeug?

This article explains what Werkzeug is and how Flask uses it for its core HTTP functionality. Along the way, you'll develop your own WSGI-compatible application using Werkzeug to create a Flask-like web framework!

Source: What is Werkzeug?, an article by Patrick Kennedy.

Steps to release curl

I have a lot of different hats and roles in the curl project. One of them is “release manager” and in this post I’ve tried to write down pretty much all the steps I do to prepare and ship a curl release at the end of every release cycle in the project.

Source: Steps to release curl, an article by Daniel Stenberg.