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Mon 15 Mar 2021

REST vs. GraphQL vs. gRPC

REST, GraphQL, and gRPC are 3 popular forms client-server and server-to-server communication. Choosing can be difficult, so this concise guide can help. In each section, an example will be provided to illustrate retrieving a user.

Source: REST vs. GraphQL vs. gRPC.

How to Read ARM64 Assembly Language

ARM64 is a computer architecture that competes with the popular Intel x86-64 architecture used for the CPUs in desktops, laptops, and so on. ARM64 is common in mobile phones, as well as Graviton-based Amazon EC2 instances and the much ballyhooed Apple M1 chips, so knowing about it might be useful! In fact, I have almost certainly spent more time with ARM64 than x86-64 because of the iPhone.

Source: How to Read ARM64 Assembly Language, an article by Scott Wolchok.

Serpentine: good

In the evening I finished Serpentine by Jonathan Kellerman. I really liked the story; recommended.