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Tue 02 Mar 2021

How an Anti-TypeScript developer became a TypeScript fan

In this blog post, I am talking about my journey from being an Anti-TypeScript developer to a developer who now could not think about going back to the plain JavaScript world 🚀 Maybe my thoughts can help someone who is in the same boat as I was couple of years back.

Source: How an Anti-TypeScript “JavaScript developer” like me became a TypeScript fan, an article by Chirag Swadia.

Elegant bash conditionals

The if-statement is a very basic thing, not just in bash, but in all of programming. I see them used quite a lot in shell scripts, even though in many cases they can be replaced with something much more elegant.

In this rather short article, I'll show how control operators can be used instead. Many probably know about this, but don't realize how to use them nicely. This will help you write cleaner shell scripts in the future.

Source: Elegant bash conditionals, an article by Tim Visée.