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Fri 19 Feb 2021

Reflections On Using Haskell For My Startup

Almost exactly one year ago I quit my job to create a Haskell startup as a solo developer. I had about 20 ideas, but eventually settled on the idea of dependency project health tracking with Deadpendency.

This post describes the experience and evaluates Haskell and its ecosystem.

Source: Reflections On Using Haskell For My Startup, an article by Alistair Burrowes.

The Rules of Margin Collapse

In CSS, adjacent margins can sometimes overlap. This is known as “margin collapse”, and it has a reputation for being quite dastardly.

Source: The Rules of Margin Collapse, an article by Joshua Comeau.

A Super-Post on Python Inheritance

Inheritance is an object oriented feature which allows us to reuse logic by defining parent classes that pass on certain behavior to subclasses.

In this article, we’ll cover some examples of inheritance with Python, the use of the super() function, and some practical examples of inheritance through the use of mixins. The focus will be more on understanding the complexities of multiple inheritance.

Source: A Super-Post on Python Inheritance, an article by Sangeeta Jadoonanan.