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Mon 18 Jan 2021

That XOR Trick

There are a whole bunch of popular interview questions that can be solved in one of two ways: Either using common data structures and algorithms in a sensible manner, or by using some properties of XOR in a seemingly hard to understand way.

While it seems unreasonable to expect the XOR solutions in interviews, it is quite fun to figure out how they work. As it turns out, they are all based on the same fundamental trick, which we will derive in a bottom-up way in this post.

Source: That XOR Trick, an article by Florian Hartmann.

Unconditional loops are unconditionally awesome

Here’s a thing I don’t see appreciated enough about Rust: loop. I know I don’t think about it all that much, but pretty much every time I use it I feel a bit of satisfaction.

Source: Unconditional loops are unconditionally awesome, an article by Brian Anderson.

Three Reasons Fungi Are Not Plants

Today, we know that fungi are not plants, but the botanical history of fungi provides an interesting perspective on our scientific biases, on how we classify organisms and how these impact our collective knowledge.

Source: Three Reasons Fungi Are Not Plants, an article by Brian Lovett.