Fri 15 Jan 2021

Terminal Multiplexers

It's easy to take the terminal for granted. After all, modern terminal emulators like gnome-terminal, konsole, and the others included with Linux desktop environments are feature-rich applications that satisfy most of our needs. But sometimes we need more. We need to have multiple shell sessions running in a single terminal. We need to display more than one application in a single terminal. We need to move a running terminal session from one computer to another. In short, we need a terminal multiplexer.

Terminal multiplexers are programs that can perform these amazing feats. In this adventure, we will look at three examples: GNU screen, tmux, and byobu.

Source: Linux Command Line Adventure: Terminal Multiplexers an article by William E. Shotts, Jr.

Pipenv & Requests Author Kenneth Reitz Interview

Kenneth Reitz is a well-known software engineer, international keynote speaker, open-source advocate, who also focuses on photography and music production. He is well known for his many open-source projects, specifically Requests "simple, yet elegant HTTP library" and Pipenv Python Development Workflow for Humans. We are excited to have interviewed Kenneth! In this interview he talks about the top issues Python developers face while scaling applications, shares his thoughts on async / await paradigm in Python, speaks about his project PyTheory, and the "natural affinity" for software development.

Source: Interview with Kenneth Reitz, Pipenv & Requests libraries author by Evrone.