Sat 02 Jan 2021

Rehousing a Heteroscodra maculata?

In the afternoon I prepared a larger enclosure for a Heteroscodra maculata I keep. When done I took the enclosure and the smaller enclosure with the spider to the bathroom to transfer it to its new home.

Heteroscodra maculata terrarium
Heteroscodra maculata terrarium.

I used the bathroom because this spider is lightning fast. The 5th of November it had even escaped from its small enclosure with me not really noticing it. Only when I couldn't find a trace of the spider and recalled I had something move from the corner of my eye I checked my desk and found the spider resting against a small box on the desk.

So this time I was prepared, or so I thought. While I carefully checked its enclosure I couldn't find a trace of the spider. I checked it above the larger enclosure which I had for additional security placed in a even larger plastic box. But no spider. So in the end I moved all substrate and moss to the new enclosure as well and hope the spider is hidden in all this somewhere. Otherwise it's either dead or now living somewhere in our house...

A half-hour to learn Rust

In order to increase fluency in a programming language, one has to read a lot of it. But how can you read a lot of it if you don't know what it means?

In this article, instead of focusing on one or two concepts, I'll try to go through as many Rust snippets as I can, and explain what the keywords and symbols they contain mean.

Ready? Go!

Source: A half-hour to learn Rust.

Remarkable 2: Thoughts on reinventing paper

Remarkable 2 is a very nice product but its shortcomings are a nice illustration of the hidden complexity that can occurre when trying to replace even simple things like paper.

I initially thought about writing a real world review but I do not write reviews here, it is against my editorial line. I will try to lean more towards what can he learnt about product design and development.

Source: Remarkable 2: Thoughts on reinventing paper, an article by Fräntz Miccoli.