Sun 27 Dec 2020

A Vim Guide for Intermediate Users

Welcome to the second part of this series aimed to make you a better Vim user! If you have no idea about Vim, you should begin with the first part. In this article, I’ll explain many more concepts, some of them making Vim truly special compared to other editors. Who wasn’t blown away discovering Vim’s macros?

Specifically, we’ll see together:

  • Ways you can organize open files in Vim using buffers, windows, tabs, and the argument list.
  • Useful motions to jump quickly from one place to another in your entire codebase.
  • Mapping new keystrokes to old keystrokes or commands.
  • Powerful functionalities to repeat some of your keystrokes.
  • Ways of manipulating the command line history.
  • Plugins which offers different ways to manage some ideas we saw before.

Source: A Vim Guide for Intermediate Users.