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Sun 15 Nov 2020

An Interactive Introduction to Fourier Transforms

Fourier transforms are a tool used in a whole bunch of different things. This is an explanation of what a Fourier transform does, and some different ways it can be useful.

Source: An Interactive Introduction to Fourier Transforms, an article by Jez Swanson.

Git Rebase: Don’t be Afraid of the Force (Push)

While contributing to a big OSS project it’s quite useful to know how to do a Git rebase. And more importantly: don’t be afraid of the Git force push. In this post I will write a little about the why and the how.

Source: Git Rebase: Don't be Afraid of the Force (Push), an article by Gerald Versluis.

Python Internals Serie : Subprocess.Popen

The purpose of this serie is to review some parts of the CPython’s code.

Why ?

Well there are multiple reasons :

  • Because we can. The project is opensource and the source code is freely available here :
  • I strongly believe that we, as developpers, can learn a lot by studying good and clean code. And I think we can safely assume that CPython’s code, which is used practicaly everywhere, meet this crietria.
  • I also think that studying python internals can make us better python programmers, for example ever wondered why changing sys.stdout seems to have no effect on subprocesses ? Well at the end of this article You will know why.

Source: Python Internals Serie : Subprocess.Popen, an article by Yassir Karroum.

Why I Teach vim

The why of why people use vim has been covered fairly extensively, so I thought I would spend a little time explaining why I teach vim to my high school students, even in 2020.

Source: Why I Teach vim, an article by Adam Michlin.