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Thu 05 Nov 2020

Poetry vs. Docker caching: Fight!

Docker packaging is an exercise in shoving square pegs into round holes, over and over and over again.

Consider the Poetry packaging tool for Python. One of Poetry’s features can make Docker rebuilds slower, by breaking Docker’s caching.

And it’s not a bad feature, there’s nothing really wrong with it, it just—doesn’t fit.

Let’s see what the problem is, go over some workarounds—which have their own problems, obviously—and then briefly consider why everything about Docker packaging is always slightly broken.

Source: Poetry vs. Docker caching: Fight!, an article by Itamar Turner-Trauring.

How to Set Up an SSH Jump Server

In this blog post we’ll cover how to set up an SSH jump server. We’ll cover two open source projects.

  1. A traditional SSH jump server using OpenSSH. The advantage of this method is that your servers already have OpenSSH pre-installed.
  2. A modern approach using Teleport, a newer open source alternative to OpenSSH.

Both of these servers are easy to install and configure, are free and open-source, and are single-binary Linux daemons.

Source: Tutorial for setting up an SSH Jump Server, an article by Ev Kontsevoy.