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Wed 28 Oct 2020

On code isolation in Python

Python is a very dynamic language, and you can do a lot of things. This article demonstrates a few approaches on how to modify or extract the source code.

Source: On code isolation in Python, an article by Artem Golubin.

Positional, Keyword and Default arguments

In this tutorial, you will learn how to call functions with positional and keyword arguments and also write functions with default parameters.

Some knowledge of python functions is required for this tutorial.

Source: Positional, Keyword and Default arguments.

10 Myths and Misconceptions in Machine Learning

Several misconceptions feature prominently amidst common practices in machine learning. It really seems like the same mistakes are being made today as they were 20 years ago, only with far more computing power. This post addresses 10 misconceptions that simply do not get enough attention.

Source: 10 Myths and Misconceptions in Machine Learning, an article by Laksan Nathan.

Photo of Aphonopelma seemanni taken with iPhone 6S

In the evening I took several photos of the female Aphonopelma seemanni I keep with the refurbished iPhone 6S that arrived yesterday.

Female Aphonopelma seemanni from above
Female Aphonopelma seemanni from above.

From the few photos I took I like the one above the most. The photo was taken inside her terrarium with not much room to move the phone around.