Mon 26 Oct 2020

Higher Kinded Types in Python

dry-python/returns@0.15 is released! And it means that now anyone can use our Higher Kinded Types emulation in their projects.

In this post I will explain:

  • What Higher Kinded Types (HKTs) are and why they are useful
  • How they are implemented and what limitations there are
  • How can you use them in your own projects

Without further ado, let’s talk about typing!

Source: Higher Kinded Types in Python, an article by Nikita Sobolev.

Modular Computer: iPad Pro as a Tablet, Laptop, and Desktop

The more I think about it, the more I come to this conclusion: the iPad, unlike other computers running a “traditional” desktop OS, possesses the unique quality of being multiple things at once. Hold an iPad in your hands, and you can use it as a classic tablet; pair it with a keyboard cover, and it takes on a laptop form; place it on a desk and connect it to a variety of external accessories, and you’ve got a desktop workstation revolving around a single slab of glass. This multiplicity of states isn’t an afterthought, nor is it the byproduct of happenstance: it was a deliberate design decision on Apple’s part based on the principle of modularity.

Source: Modular Computer: iPad Pro as a Tablet, Laptop, and Desktop Workstation, an article by Federico Viticci.