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Mon 19 Oct 2020

The friendly calico cat, and books

In the afternoon, in the small town 't Woudt, I spotted a beautiful calico cat. When I called her she came immediately to me to be petted.

The friendly calico cat
The friendly calico cat.

I was in 't Woudt to meet with my friend Simon. I had also bought books for him, a belated birthday present:

Of course I highly recommend the above books; they are good. And as luck had it, he hadn't read any of those.

Meet Face ID and Touch ID for the Web

This blog post extends the content of WWDC 2020 “Meet Face ID and Touch ID for the web” session by providing detailed examples to assist developers’ adoption of this new technology, including how to manage different user agent user interfaces, how to propagate user gestures from user-activated events to WebAuthn API calls, and how to interpret Apple Anonymous Attestation. This article will end by summarizing the unique characteristics of Apple’s platform authenticator and the current status of security key support. If you haven’t heard about WebAuthn before, you’re strongly encouraged to first watch the WWDC 2020 session, which covers the basic concepts. Otherwise, please enjoy.

Source: Meet Face ID and Touch ID for the Web, an article by Jiewen Tan.

Better Git diff output for Ruby, Python, Elixir, Go and more

And it’s not just Ruby where Git struggles to figure out the correct enclosing context. Many other programming languages and file formats also get short-changed when it comes to the hunk header context.

Thankfully, it’s not only possible to configure a custom regex specific to your language to help Git better orient itself, there’s even a pre-defined set of patterns for many languages and formats right there in Git. All we have to do is tell Git which patterns to use for our file extensions.

Source: Better Git diff output for Ruby, Python, Elixir, Go and more, an article by Tekin Süleyman.