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Tue 13 Oct 2020

SEO mistakes I've made and how I fixed them

From 0 to 90k impressions in about a year, following Search Engine Optimization good practices was key to help to grow my blog and my audience. However, when I started it, I made terrible mistakes that some SEO literate people could almost qualify as self-sabotage.

Source: SEO mistakes I've made and how I fixed them, an article by Maxime Heckel.

CSS Layout - Grid vs Flexbox

Programming languages make websites feel alive, but at the core of every web page stands the good old HTML. When we discuss layouts, we must consider factors that make a good layout: responsiveness, viewing ports, display devices, browsers, and users’ screen sizes. A great layout not only looks great but can preserve the original intent by fitting in every possible display ratio. This correction is produced through CSS. In this article, we will examine two powerful properties: CSS Flexbox and CSS Grid.

Source: CSS Layout - Grid vs Flexbox, an article by Ivaylo Ivanov.

What is Functional Inheritance?

Functional inheritance is the process of inheriting features by applying an augmenting function to an object instance. The function supplies a closure scope which you can use to keep some data private. The augmenting function uses dynamic object extension to extend the object instance with new properties and methods.

Functional mixins are composable factory functions that add properties and behaviors to objects like stations in an assembly line.

Source: What is Functional Inheritance?.