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Sun 04 Oct 2020

Xen on Raspberry Pi 4 adventures

The Xen Project is excited to share that the Xen Hypervisor now runs on Raspberry Pi. This is an exciting step for both hobbyists and industries. Read more to learn about how Xen now runs on RPi and how to get started.

Source: Xen on Raspberry Pi 4 adventures, an article by Stefano Stabellini and Roman Shaposhnik.

Working with Rust

Working with Rust is a set of examples that cover common programming functions, tasks, and problems. It assumes a base programming knowledge and looking for the proper syntax and solution written in Rust.

I use this resource primarily for myself, collecting up little solutions as I go for reference later. Since I don’t use Rust day-to-day, and new to it overall, a quick reference is quite useful to me.

Source: Working with Rust, an article by Marcus Kazmierczak.

Debugging and Profiling

A golden rule in programming is that code does not do what you expect it to do, but what you tell it to do. Bridging that gap can sometimes be a quite difficult feat. In this lecture we are going to cover useful techniques for dealing with buggy and resource hungry code: debugging and profiling.

Source: Debugging and Profiling.