Sat 19 Sep 2020

Another sunflower

In the afternoon I took a photo of another sunflower flowering. This is the second one in our garden, the first one opened the 31st of August 2020.

Another sunflower flowering in our garden
Another sunflower flowering in our garden.

In the above photo you can see the first one, which has finished flowering (top, center), and another one that's close to fully open (bottom, center). The plants grew from seeds dropped by birds. Most likely western jackdaw (Coloeus monedula) as they were very common in our garden when we fed seeds to the birds.

Announcing the Error Handling Project Group

Today we are announcing the formation of a new project group under the libs team, focused on error handling!

Some of the goals this project group will be working on include:

  1. Defining and codifying common error handling terminology.
  2. Generating consensus on current error handling best practices.
  3. Identifying pain points that exist in Rust’s error handling story.
  4. Communicating current error handling best practices.
  5. Consolidating the Rust error handling ecosystem.

Source: Announcing the Error Handling Project Group, an article by Sean Chen.

ugit: DIY Git in Python

Welcome aboard! We're going to implement Git in Python to learn more about how Git works on the inside.

This tutorial is different from most Git internals tutorials because we're not going to talk about Git only with words but also with code! We're going to write in Python as we go.

This is not a tutorial on using Git! To follow along I advise that you have working knowledge of Git. If you're a newcomer to Git, this tutorial is probably not the best place to start your Git journey. I suggest coming back here after you've used Git a bit and you're comfortable with making commits, branching, merging, pushing and pulling.

Source: Git Internals - Learn by Building Your Own Git.