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Fri 11 Sep 2020

Regarding Semantic Versioning

So as not to bury the lede, I'll get to my point: Semantic Versioning is a meta-API, and maintainers who are cavalier about violating it can't be trusted to created stable contracts. I've lost patience for breaking changes making their way to my code bases without the maintainers incrementing the major version of their projects, especially in language ecosystems where Semantic Versioning is expected, and in such cases I'm going to begin exploring alternative options so I can ban such libraries from my projects---personal and professional---altogether.

Source: Regarding Semantic Versioning, an article by Daniel Moch.

The Within Go Repo Layout

Go repository layout is a very different thing compared to other languages. There's a lot of conflicting opinions and little firm guidance to help steer people along a path to more maintainable code. This is a collection of guidelines that help to facilitate understandable and idiomatic Go.

Source: The Within Go Repo Layout, an article by Christine Dodrill.