Sun 23 Aug 2020

Usage of the Heap Data Structure in Go (Golang), with Examples

Heap is one of the powerful data structures, which optimizes the access to minimum or maximum value within a collection. In this post, we will go over the main characteristics of the data structure itself and understand how we can make use of it with Go (Golang) programming language with the usage heap package from the base library of Go.

Source: Usage of the Heap Data Structure in Go (Golang), with Examples, an article by Tugberk Ugurlu.

Common Python Packaging Mistakes

I think we can all agree that packaging a Python project is harder than it should be. With numerous guides & tutorials out there, people still make mistakes. Some of these mistakes break a project, some just make it less attractive, and some even cause a project to step on the toes of other projects.

As the admin of the wheel-analysis and -browsing site Wheelodex, I see a number of poorly-built wheels each morning as I peruse the day’s new entries. This eventually motivated me to create check-wheel-contents — a program for scanning a wheel for many of the below problems plus several others — in an attempt to get people to clean up their wheels, yet still the poorly-packaged projects persist.

In yet another attempt to get people to fix their broken packages, here now are some of the more frequent types of mistakes I see — along with advice on how to avoid & correct them — in no particular order.

Source: Common Python Packaging Mistakes, an article by John T. Wodder II.