Fri 21 Aug 2020

Dynamic SSL Certificate Storage in HAProxy

When you route traffic through an HAProxy load balancer, you gain the ability to terminate SSL at the load balancer. HAProxy encrypts communication between the client and itself and then sends the decrypted messages to your backend servers, which means less CPU work on the servers because there’s no encryption work left to do. HAProxy adds extra SSL functionality too including SNI for choosing the right certificate, ALPN for negotiating the application protocol, OCSP stapling for prefetching certificate revocation statuses, and settings for disabling obsolete versions of SSL and TLS.

Source: Dynamic SSL Certificate Storage in HAProxy, an article by Nick Ramirez.

What's New In DevTools (Chrome 86)

  • New Media panel
  • Capture node screenshots via Elements panel context menu
  • Issues tab updates
  • Emulate missing local fonts
  • Emulate inactive users
  • Emulate prefers-reduced-data
  • Support for new JavaScript features
  • Lighthouse 6.2 in the Lighthouse panel
  • Deprecation of “other origins” listing in the Service Workers pane
  • Show coverage summary for filtered items
  • New frame detailed view in Application panel
    • Frame details for opened windows
  • Elements and Network panel updates
    • Accessible color suggestions in the Styles pane
    • Human-readable X-Client-Data header values in the Network panel
    • Auto-complete custom fonts in the Styles pane
    • Consistently display resource type in Network panel
    • Clear buttons in the Elements and Network panels

Source: What's New In DevTools (Chrome 86), an article by Jecelyn Yeen.