Tue 11 Aug 2020

Single Page Applications using Rust

WebAssembly (wasm) allows code written in languages other than JavaScript to run on browsers. If you haven’t been paying attention, all the major browsers support wasm and globally more than 90% of users have browsers that can run wasm.

Since Rust compiles to wasm, is it possible to build SPAs (Single Page Applications) purely in Rust and without writing a single line of JavaScript? The short answer is YES!

Source: Single Page Applications using Rust, an article by Sheshbabu Chinnakonda.

GoLang Desktop App with webview/Lorca, WASM and Bazel

On my quest towards building a GoLang Desktop application I found some useful frameworks, Lorca and Webview (which I wrote about in my previous post). These frameworks create a window which GoLang can inject HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build the UI.

But I don’t want to write JavaScript(!) and deal with all the complexities that comes with it like npm, webpack, typescript… Fortunately, I can just compile GoLang to WebAssembly (WASM) and use that in place of JavaScript. WASM is a binary format that can be executed natively in most modern browsers.

Source: GoLang Desktop App with webview/Lorca, WASM and Bazel, an article by Graham Jenson.