Fri 03 Jul 2020

The Internet has a Cat

The Purrli® user interface
The Purrli® user interface.

The sound of a purring cat is one of the most comforting sounds available and can help soothe and calm you down when you're feeling stressed. Naturally, it's not just the sound that is important, but it's also the presence of the warm cuddly cat. Purrli tries to recreate both the sound and the presence of your very own virtual cat through a custom sound engine modelled after real purrs.

With a purr that delicately changes over time, Purrli aims at making the experience as real and lively as possible. Just like a real cat, Purrli will call for your attention. Just be careful when adjusting the last slider, if you don't want to be nagged in the middle of your work.

Source: The Internet has a Cat! Meet Purrli, the Online Cat Purr Generator. by Dr. Ir. Stéphane Pigeon.

Correlation vs Covariance

Correlation and Covariance are two commonly used statistical concepts majorly used to measure the linear relation between two variables in data. When used to compare samples from different populations, covariance is used to identify how two variables vary together whereas correlation is used to determine how change in one variable is affecting the change in another variable. Even though there are certain similarities between these two mathematical terms, these two are different from each other.

Source: Correlation vs Covariance.

Uncommon CSS Properties

There are a lot of CSS properties that some don’t know about, or they know about them, but forget to use them when they’re needed. Some of those can save you using JavaScript to achieve a specific result, or some can save your time by writing less CSS. As a front-end developer, I came across such things every now and then, and I asked myself, why not list all those less-used and interesting CSS properties in an article?

Source: Uncommon CSS Properties, an article by Ahmad Shadeed.