Fri 12 Jun 2020

Async Python is not faster

Most people understand that async Python has a higher level of concurrency. It would make some sense for that to imply higher performance for common tasks like serving dynamic web sites or web APIs.

Sadly async is not go-faster-stripes for the Python interpreter.

Under realistic conditions (see below) asynchronous web frameworks are slightly worse throughput (requests/second) and much worse latency variance.

Source: Async Python is not faster, an article by Cal Paterson.

I replaced my MacBook Pro with a Raspberry Pi 4 8GB for a Day

Earlier this week, as part of my work doing a more complete review of the Raspberry Pi 4 (coming soon!), I decided I'd go all-in and spend one entire day working entirely (or at least as much as possible) from a Raspberry Pi.

And not just doing some remote coding sessions or writing a blog post—that's easy to do on a Chromebook, a tablet, or any cheap old laptop—but trying to do all the things I do in a given day, like:

  • Browse Twitter using a dedicated app
  • Use Slack (you laugh, but Slack uses more memory than most of the other apps I'm running at any given time—combined!)
  • Record and edit clips of audio and video
  • Work on some infrastructure automation with Docker, Ansible, and Kubernetes

Source: I replaced my MacBook Pro with a Raspberry Pi 4 8GB for a Day, an article by Jeff Geerling.