Tue 09 Jun 2020

Printf Debugging

Printf debugging is essential, so since we’re going to do it anyways, let’s do it fast. In this post we’ll focus specifically on how to write printf debugging log lines to make them fast to read and write programs against. There’s two important features: a machine parsable format like json or DSV and explicitly labeled fields.

Source: Printf Debugging, an article by Tyler Adams.

How to jam neural networks

Deep neural networks (DNNs) have been a very active field of research for eight years now, and for the last five we’ve seen a steady stream of adversarial examples – inputs that will bamboozle a DNN so that it thinks a 30mph speed limit sign is a 60 instead, and even magic spectacles to make a DNN get the wearer’s gender wrong.

So far, these attacks have targeted the integrity or confidentiality of machine-learning systems. Can we do anything about availability?

Source: How to jam neural networks, an article by Ross Anderson.