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15 May 2020

Backup and Restore on NetBSD

Putting together the bits and pieces of a backup and restore concept, while not being rocket science, always seems to be a little bit ungrateful. Most Admin Handbooks handle this topic only within few pages. After replacing my old Mac Mini's OS by NetBSD, I tried to implement an automated backup, allowing me to handle it similarly to the time machine backups I've been using before. Suggestions on how to improve are always welcome.

Source: Backup and Restore on NetBSD, an article by Jörg Kollmann.

How to Scale Python on Every Major Cloud Provider

Once you’ve developed a Python application on your laptop and want to scale it up in the cloud (perhaps with more data or more GPUs), the next steps are unclear, and unless you have an infrastructure team that’s already set it up for you, “Just use kubernetes” is not so simple.

Source: How to Scale Python on Every Major Cloud Provider, an article by Robert Nishihara.