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Wed 06 May 2020

Six Things I Learned from Mr. Robot

Mr. Robot is an amazingly accurate series about a hacker (Elliot Alderson) and his, uhm, undertakings. The series is consulted by many cybersecurity experts and so every hack that happens is actually properly executed, using real tools and commands that do exactly what an infosec expert would expect.

Source: Six Things I Learned from Mr. Robot an article by Bozhidar Bozhanov.

JavaScript magic with Symbols

A symbol is a primitive data type introduced in ES6. It's created with Symbol function and globally unique. Symbols can be used as object properties to provide uniqueness level access to objects and as hooks into built-in operators and methods, enabling us to alter the default behavior of JavaScript.

Source: JavaScript magic with Symbols, an article by Marko Marinovic.