Wed 29 Apr 2020

10 Reasons to Use Haskell

Haskell is a blend of cutting edge research and well-tested, time-proven technology. It occupies a unique position between academia and industry. Some of its features, such as garbage collection and native code generation, can be found in mainstream languages. Other features, such as purity and lazy evaluation, are shared only by less popular, niche languages.

Source: 10 Reasons to Use Haskell, an article by Vladislav Zavialov.

Understanding Bayesian Inference

What do we mean when we say “Bayesian inference”? More specifically, what does Bayesian inference mean for my machine learning or data modelling problem? In this blogpost I will introduce Bayesian inference and explain how it is a machine learning paradigm. More importantly I will attempt to intuitively bridge the gap between Bayesian inference as a theoretical framework and Bayesian inference as a machine learning approach.

Source: Understanding Bayesian Inference, an article by Jonty Sinai.