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Sat 25 Apr 2020

Knife: excellent

In the early afternoon I finished Knife, a new Harry Hole novel by Jo Nesbø. An excellent story; highly recommended.

Eve of Snows

Five hundred years ago the world shattered, banishing the gods from the Sister Continents and stealing the memories of the mortal peoples in an event known as the Great Forgetting. In seventeen days the stars will align, and a religious cabal will summon the gods back to the realms of men. In the northern tundra priests search the Steaming Lakes, a place tormented by the Wakened Dead. Deep in the mountains, demonic shadows assail priests at a holy shrine. In the south, the clans know something foul is afoot, and dispatch warriors to seek answers, but instead they find horrors.A young priestess named Eliles stands in the heart of this conspiracy; on her shoulders rest decisions which could prevent a holy war or demonic genocide. Through lies, manipulation, and murder, everyone is on a seventeen day march to fulfill or defy prophecy; the world will end or begin anew, come the Eve of Snows.

In the afternoon I started in Eve of Snows, Sundering of the Gods book 1, by L. James Rice.

New Features in Python 3.9 You Should Know About

The release of Python 3.9 is still quite a while away (5.10.2020), but with the last alpha (3.9.0a5) release out and first beta in near future, it feels like it’s time to see what new features, improvements and fixes we can expect and look forward to. This article won’t be an exhaustive list of every change, but rather a list of the most interesting and noteworthy things to come with the next version for us — developers. So, let’s dive in!

Source: New Features in Python 3.9 You Should Know About, an article by Martin Heinz.