Sun 19 Apr 2020

Building Finite State Machines with Python Coroutines

Finite State Machine is a mathematical model of computation that models a sequential logic. FSM consists of a finite number of states, transition functions, input alphabets, a start state and end state(s). In the field of computer science, the FSMs are used in designing Compilers, Linguistics Processing, Step workflows, Game Design, Protocols Procedures (like TCP/IP), Event-driven programming, Conversational AI and many more.

Source: Building Finite State Machines with Python Coroutines, an article by Arpit Bhayani.

Elfeed with Tiny Tiny RSS

If you have multiple computers and you subscribe to RSS feeds - which you probably do, it would be great if you could read the feeds from all your computers and have the feeds’ read state synchronized.

Tiny Tiny RSS runs on a server, aggregates your feeds, shows them with a web interface and exposes API for clients - such as elfeed - to consume.

Source: Elfeed with Tiny Tiny RSS.