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Fri 13 Mar 2020

The best UI typeface goes unnoticed

Text is UI. And of course typography is so much more than just a typeface or the text in an app. It’s about balance, positioning, hierarchy and structure.

Source: The best UI typeface goes unnoticed, an article by Thomas Byttebier.

How to Make VirtualBox Full Screen

After installing a guest operating system (OS) on VirtualBox, the interface of the guest OS is displayed in a windowed mode by default. Moreover, the size of that window is usually not big, and if you maximize the window’s size, the resolution of the guest OS user interface is left the same. In the majority of cases, working in a guest OS with low resolution is not comfortable. Don’t worry, however, as it is possible for you to increase the screen resolution of the guest OS user interface as well as run a guest OS in the full screen mode.

Source: How to make VirtualBox full screen for Windows, macOS and Linux VMs, an article by Michael Bose.