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Mon 09 Mar 2020

There's More to the JavaScript Console

We’ve probably all used console.log in our JavaScript projects. It’s a nice, quick, convenient way to view the value of a variable or to see what’s going on at a given time in the application. But there are many more options with the JavaScript console object that can help while working on your project. We’ll go over some of my favorites in this article, and hopefully you’ll remember to use them while working!

Source: There’s More to the JavaScript Console, an article by Preston Lamb.

What is the Difference Between CNN and RNN?

The main difference between CNN and RNN is the ability to process temporal information or data that comes in sequences, such as a sentence for example. Moreover, convolutional neural networks and recurrent neural networks are used for completely different purposes, and there are differences in the structures of the neural networks themselves to fit those different use cases.

Source: What is the Difference Between CNN and RNN?, an article by Lucas Scott.